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Coastal forest development essential

The project called “Modernising the Forestry Sector and Enhancing Resilience in Coastal Areas” sponsored by the World Bank (WB), is one of many ongoing projects to plant, care for and protect coastal forests.

Millionaire spends his fortune, vows to protect precious wood forest

The pomu forest of Vu Va Chong, 56, from Huoi Tu commune in Ky Son district, is located at the height of 1,000 meters above the sea water level.

‘Forest school’ helps spread love for nature

Vietnam is home to a primeval forest described as a “big school” that has helped spread the love for nature for the past nearly six decades.

Forest rangers face violent illegal loggers, low pay

Beyond the hardships and dangers, the forest rangers in the Central Highlands Tay Nguyen still patrol the forest day and night. But every ranger ponders the question, how to accomplish their mission and be there with their family and close ones.

Nearly 200 35-year-old pine trees poisoned, chopped down

Local authorities have been investigating the cause of the incident in which around 200 35-year-old pine trees in Section 6, Sub-Area 592 in Tam Xuan 2 Commune, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province, were poisoned in order to kill them gradually.

Vietnam transfers 5 million tons of CO2 to get US$52 million for forest protection

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has signed an agreement with EMERGENT on the transfer of emission reductions.


Local communities lend a hand to forest protection

Local communities are helping to protect vital areas of the country's national parks.

Conservation programs put on hold with access denied due to spread of COVID

Biodiversity conservation projects and forest protection in the central highlands region, over the past two years, have been either delayed or suspended as travel and mass gathering activities are limited by COVID-19 prevention measures.

Man goes from poacher to forest guardian

Le Van Hien never thought that he would give up hunting. But meeting a wildlife expert changed his life.

Former hunters use their skills to protect the forest

Looking at the herd of deer being protected in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai Province, Djưng feels very happy.

Forest environmental services to bring about 2.8 trillion VND in 2021

The Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) aims to collect 2.8 trillion VND (121.7 million USD) from forest environmental services this year.

The special story of the ‘odd’ man with the ancient ironwood forest

Trieu Tai Cao, 80, in Quang Ninh province, a Dao Thanh Phan ethnic minority man, always has a feeling that money is never enough, and if the forest is cleared, it will be a lifetime regret.


The man who brings back green to barren hill in Ky Son District

While many others destroy forests for timber and clear land for farming, a man in central Vietnam has worked tirelessly to bring back green to a once barren hill.

Cor ethnic people dedicated to protecting the forest

Located 1,400m above sea level, Ca Dam mountain in Tra Bong District, Quang Ngai Province is home to many rare and precious herbs, plants and animals.

Forest peach tree sales for Tet stall, authorities check origin to ensure protection of wild trees

It is now the peak forest peach sale season as Tet will start in three weeks. However, sales have stalled because local authorities are requiring traceability of origin on products.

Forest environmental service fees scheme promotes forest protection in Vietnam

The revenue from forest environmental service fees has become a sustainable financial source, contributing to increasing the value of the forestry industry as well as the country’s GDP growth, an official has said.

More efforts needed for forest protection: expert

Vietnam has abundant forest resources, but there are many ongoing problems relating to forest protection. Trieu Van Hung, Chairman of the Vietnam Forest Science Technology Association, talks to Viettimes about the issue.

Lawmakers concerned over forest losses in light of central floods

Forest protection issues were in the spotlight on Tuesday in the National Assembly, amid public concern that the loss of forests had contributed to the devastation from floods and landslides in the central region in recent weeks.

Forest environmental services policy changes the lives of northwestern people

Vang A Chinh, head of the Sin Suoi Ho Village, enters the forest every day to check a forest area that he was allocated to look after in 2012 by the forest management board in Sin Suoi Ho Commune, Lai Chau Province.

Progress made in protecting nation's forests

Ha Cong Tuan, Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, talks on the forestry sector’s achievements.