Former Japan Airlines executive officer Hideki Oshima has been elected chairman of the board of directors at Bamboo Airways. (Photo:

The meeting elected seven members of the Board of Directors for 2023-2028, including Le Thai Sam, former member of the board holding 38.28% of the firm’s stake.

Oshima is one of two former leaders of Japan Airlines, the second largest airline in Japan, to join the senior leadership team at Bamboo Airways. The other, former president of Japan Airlines Masaru Onishi, is also expected to hold the role of senior advisor to Bamboo Airways’ Board of Directors.

Both Onishi and Oshima are said to acquire a lot of experience in operating, developing international relations and participating in major airline alliances. The two executives took part in the restructuring of Japan Airlines, from an airline on the verge of bankruptcy to a profitable firm.

Bamboo Airways plans to operate a fleet of 30-36 aircraft by the end of 2023, and maintain the seat occupancy rate of 81.5%, and the on-time performance rate of over 90%.

Revenue from passenger and freight transport is expected to grow by 15-20% this year compared to 2022.

The budget airline plans to maintain a domestic route network connecting all 22 civil airports, and at the same time expand routes to target markets in Europe, Australia, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia... The airline also promotes the transformation of the passenger service system (PSS), making it easier for the firm to expand the route network, negotiate and sign comprehensive cooperation agreements with international airlines.

In addition, Bamboo Airways is building an aviation ecosystem, by establishing air freight companies, ground service companies, aviation engineering companies, and airline catering companies in order to increase its operational efficiency across the network. It continues to restructure the organization and perfect the entire human resource system towards efficiency.

Source: VOV