Update news garden

The bonsai garden owned by Mr. Dang Hong Son in Thanh Tri District is considered the largest of its kind in Hanoi, with nearly 1,000 unique bonsai trees of over 100 species from many regions throughout the country. 

Dak Lak: Woman plants over 1,000 marijuana trees to feed pigs

VietNamNet Bridge – The police of Dak Lak province have discovered and destroyed more than 1,000 marijuana plants grown in the garden of a woman. The owner claimed that she grew marijuana to feed pigs and poultry.

Exotic gardens amid the capital city

VietNamNet’s Le Anh Dung introduces the fancy gardens in Hanoi, which are located next to luxurious villas or unfinished construction projects.

Young people flock to visit the “royal garden”

Flower gardens in Nhat Tan village, Hanoi, have suddenly turned into natural parks with many ornaments and all sorts of brightly colored flowers. Young people flock to these gardens to pose for photos, though they have to pay entrance fees.