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Women are exhausted from 'double responsibilities'

Vietnamese women are facing many persistent inequalities in the labor market - carrying on their shoulders the double burden of working and taking care of the family. This burden is even more pronounced after the pandemic broke out.


Gender inequality in ethnic minority groups: survey

 VietNamNet Bridge – Gender inequality in ethnic minorities is seen in different fields, including economy, labour, education, training and healthcare.

Gender equality begins at home

 VietNamNet Bridge – Awareness of gender inequality has been around for some time, but the problem itself has been around for so long that the subtle ways in which it persists is not often recognised.

Gender inequality at birth poses continuing challenge

 VietNamNet Bridge – There could be between 2.3 million to 4.3 million less women than men in Viet Nam by 2025,

Gender stereotypes hold women back

Gender inequality remains a huge problem in the field of employment in Viet Nam, with a pay divide between men and women growing and experts warning that there is continued discrimination against women in recruitment and benefit policies.