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En Cave Cascade, also known as K50 Cascade, in Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in Gia Lai Province, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and explorers.

Discovering Kon Ha Nung world biosphere reserve

Covering an area of about 413,500 hectares, the Kon Ha Nung Biosphere Reserves comprise two core zones - Kon Ka Kinh National Park and Kon Chu Rang natural reserve.


A glimpse of Chu Dang Ya

Located in Ploi lagri Village, Chu Dang Ya Commune, Chu Pah District, Gia Lai Province, Chu Dang Ya has been an inactive volcano for millions of years.

Catching field mice in Gia Lai

The practice of capturing field mice during the rice harvest season (May-June or October-November) in Dak Doa in Gia Lai Province draws a great many people here for firsthand experience of it.

Million-year-old volcano in Gia Lai covered in yellow sunflowers

Wild sunflowers flourish and color the path to Chu Dang Ya volcano in the latter days of October and the beginning of November, drawing many young Gia Lai people to visit.

The 'unique' bonsai pine forest in Gia Lai

Dak Doa in Gia Lai Province is dubbed the "second Da Lat" in the north of the Central Highlands as it is home to beautiful and poetic pine forests. When winter comes, this place will "turn" into a vast pink grass hill.

Magnificent beauty of Hang En Waterfall

Magnificent and alluring are common impressions Hang En Waterfall in Gia Lai district leaves on visitors.

Impressive stone blocks across Jrai Pha stream in Gia Lai

An ancient stone stream with stone blocks crossing it has recently been discovered in Chu Pah district in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai, drawing much interest from nature lovers.

Minh Thanh, a peaceful and unique pagoda in a mountainous city

The Central Highlands province of Gia Lai not only has majestic forests, endless coffee fields, poetic Bien Ho (Sea Lake) and immense green tea hills, it also has a beautiful and unique pagoda named Minh Thanh.

Bien Ho, a freshwater lake 800 meters above sea level

Bien Ho (Sea Lake) is a famous spiritual and eco-tourism site in Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province, in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Gia Lai-style dried Pho

Pho, or Vietnamese noodle soup, is a favorite dish of locals. In the country, this popular dish has adopted numerous versions. Among them is dried pho, also a specialty in Gia Lai Province in the central region.

Gia Lai-style rice noodle soup

Gia Lai is a mountainous province which boasts a distinctive culture and a cuisine embracing traditions and modernity.

Gia Lai, a lesser known gem in the Central Highlands

If you are looking for a place with lakes, waterfalls and an inactive volcano, the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai will meet your expectations.

Gia Lai province: Land of beautiful untouched nature

Gia Lai province is an ideal destination for travelers wanting to explore the wild nature and the unique culture of the Central Highlands ethnic groups who are known for their gong space.

Phu Cuong Waterfall, a silk strip amidst the Gia Lai Mountains

The Central Highland is endowed with many beautiful waterfalls such as Pongour, Prenn and Dambri, Draynur, Dray Sap and especially Phu Cuong in Gia Lai Province. 


Buu Minh pagoda – Where ancient meets modern

Located in the central highlands province of Gia Lai, Buu Minh pagoda has become a popular destination among visitors.