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Live greener day by day

A group of young people are helping each other to live a greener lifestyle, and hope their actions will spread into the wider community.

Saigonese open ‘zero VND shops’ to encourage people to plant trees

Hoi Vuon Xinh Sai Gon was founded by ‘veterans’ with experience in growing and planting ornamental trees and people with a passion for planting.

The HCM City 'heat island'

HCM City is suffering from the ‘heat island’ phenomenon because of the reduction of greenery areas.

The financial bottleneck of green credit in Vietnam

Domestic credit sources can only satisfy one-ninth of the total capital demand for renewable energy projects, which are becoming more popular in Vietnam.

Public bicycles: good solution in Hoi An, but not in big cities like HCM City

Public bicycles are believed to be a good solution to the urban transport question as it is ‘green’ and suited to sustainable development.

HCM City’s biggest supermarket chains go green

The biggest supermarket chains in HCM City have jumped on the no-waste bandwagon and started replacing plastic packaging with banana leaves.

University student creates green electricity-powered bicycle

VietNamNet Bridge - A bicycle created by a university student uses two kinds of clean energy, the first of its kind in Vietnam.