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Experts propose new trading floor for gold, removal of state monopoly

Experts believe that it is time to change gold trade management by setting up gold trading floors, and eliminate the state monopoly.

Gold, US stock prices climb to new high, but Vietnam’s stock index falls

The Vietnamese stock market is under selling pressure despite good prospects. While gold and US stock prices are rising and hitting record highs, the VN-Index has fallen from the 1,100 point peak set 16 years ago.

Gap between domestic and global gold prices is reasonable: SBV Governor

Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam Nguyen Thi Hong said it is reasonable due to restricted supply according to the country’s policy to restrict gold supply sources with an aim to fight  dollarisation and goldisation in the domestic economy

Gold prices fluctuate, sell-buy price gap widens

The price gap between selling and buying prices of gold is widening, causing big losses for buyers.

Gold price dances wildly

Due to the unusual fluctuations in gold prices, gold trading enterprises expanded the gap between buying and selling prices to nearly VND2.6 million per tael (1.2 ounces) on July 19.

Securities fall, cryptocurrencies collapse, gold investors worry

Following securities and cryptocurrency shocks, investors are now worried as gold prices have been falling.

Management of gold market heats up National Assembly session

The controversy about gold market management appears to be coming to an end.

Gap between domestic and global gold prices hits record high

The gap between the gold price in the domestic and global market has hit the highest level in years due to a restricted supply and rising local demand.


Latest drops see gold prices plunge to VND56 million per tael

The opening trading session of August 11 saw the price of domestic gold endure a sharp fall and is now hovering around VND56 million per tael following a series of consecutive increases over the past few days.


Increase in M&A deals looks imminent in property sector

Many analysts think now is a good time for investors looking for acquisitions in the property industry to act since difficulties caused by the Covide-19 pandemic have thrown up opportunities.

Gold prices hit all-time high

Gold prices soared near VND57 million (US$2,486) per tael (1.2 ounces) on the local market on first day of the week while the yellow metal also made its history in prices, hitting an all-time high.


Gold prices hit nine-year high after reaching VND50.4 million per tael

Domestic gold prices soared to a record nine-year high on the morning of July 9 after climbing to VND50.4 million per tael for the first time.

Price gap of gold narrows in Viet Nam and globally

Gold prices went up in both global and local markets on March 24 when the gap of the prices between the two markets narrowed.

Fewer buy gold on God of Wealth Day due to virus fears

This year’s God of Wealth Day (February 3) saw fewer gold buyers than previous years due to fears of new coronavirus (nCoV).

Gold prices in Vietnam slide but further growth expected

Gold prices declined on Tuesday after touching a four-month high, but the uptrend is unlikely to stop.

Gold prices in Vietnam hit two-year high on global heat

Local gold prices hit a two-year high on June 21 as the global market continued to heat up.


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Vietnam’s gold consumption continues the uptrend

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam consumed around 110 tons of gold in 2013, higher than previous years, despite global gold prices falling steadily and less gold sales points in the country, according to a source from the World Gold Council.

Gold buyers disappear

Though domestic gold prices crashed by VND850,000 per tael compared to late last week, buying power declined sharply on Monday after the central bank has announced to continue supplying gold for the market.

Gold low sparks spending spree

 VietNamNet Bridge – A three-year-old low in New York gold prices has provoked a rush for the precious metal in Viet Nam, sparking a price surge last weekend.