VietNamNet Bridge – At least two per cent of the State Budget is set to be spent on boosting the nation's IT sector each year, according to a draft resolution compiled by the Ministry of Information and Communications.



The fund aims to make the nation's IT sector catch up with its regional rivals, Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong said in a workshop last week.

Hong stated that the proposal was made because the IT sector was required to play a bigger role in industrialisation, modernisation, international integration and national competitiveness development.

The ministry of information has worked with relevant agencies to compile the draft resolution to ensure its effectiveness in reality within a decade, he said.

Previously, at an information, communications, and technology summit, PM Nguyen Tan Dung said that IT would play a vital role in the success of important strategies, such as perfecting the constitution and improving human resources and infrastructure so that economic reform may proceed effectively.

Chairman of FPT Information System Do Cao Bao, said that it would be a "good" signal for the IT sector if the resolution was approved.

Bigger role

The resolution has been compiled based on the fact that the sector has rapidly developed and now contributes 7.5 per cent towards the nation's Gross Domestic Product.

However, the sector can still play a more significant role in socio-economic development by expanding its scale and working with more technology companies to compete in global markets.

The resolution is scheduled to be submitted to the Party's Political Bureau next month.

Source: VNS