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The new regulations on social distancing will for sure have an added impact on some businesses, however, it is necessary to view the full picture in assessing the impact.

COVID-19 pandemic leaves Airbnb hosts thinking of the long-term

There are many problems associated with COVID-19, but one major issue caused by the global pandemic is its virtual destruction of the travel industry.


Vietnam needs foreign aid to develop renewable energy

Renewable energy has emerged as one of the most preferred sectors for investment in Vietnam, coming third behind fintech and education.

Grant Thornton: Trade war not dampening confidence in Vietnam

Asia-Pacific businesses benefiting from shift in manufacturing from US-China trade war, according to Grant Thornton study.

Five-star hotels outperform four-star hotels: Grant Thornton

Five-star hotels outperformed their four-star counterparts across several criteria as shown by the latest survey by Grant Thornton Vietnam on the local upscale lodging industry.


Vietnam named among countries with highest female labor-force participation rates

In terms of the gender of new business owners across 54 countries, Vietnam had the highest ratio of women to men: 1.14 to 1, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.


Vietnam draws interest from private equity

 Private equity investors are paying more attention to the Vietnamese market, readying additional resources in expectation of better long-term results, according to the Grant Thornton global private equity report for 2014 to 2015.


VCCI accused of misusing state budget funds; SBV Governor: Big banks also to be restructured; Retail sales up over 10% in H1; Cat Lai Port refuses containers to ease congestion; GE Aviation eyes Vietnam as global supply chain link