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Deputy head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission Nguyen Duy Hung said that Le Van Luong road in Hanoi is a typical example of bad planning. Floods and traffic jams often occur on the road.

Vietnam to become green manufacturing hub by 2050 through net zero approach

Vietnam’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at COP26 is expected to bring a tailwind of opportunities, facilitating the export of made-in-Vietnam products.

Over 1,000 firms in HCM City to develop rooftop solar power

More than 1,000 businesses located at processing, industrial and hi-tech parks in Ho Chi Minh City are set to have solar panels installed on their rooftops in the next few years in an effort to promote green development.

Initial costs in green apartments offset later

Developers are moving towards sustainable development by promoting green apartment buildings but there are issues to surmount.

Working together to secure a green nation

Developing greener urban areas is one of the key pillars in Vietnam’s journey to sustainable development.


Giving agriculture a high-tech boost

With new approaches and diversified investments, private investors have been infusing a new spirit of innovation into Vietnam’s agriculture, adding value and sustainable growth.

Vietnam to run carbon market to improve quality of green growth

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam now ranks 31st in the world in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Its GHG intensity per capita is lower than the average global level, but the intensity of emissions per one unit of GDP is higher.

Vietnam plans to prioritize ecological IZ development

VietNamNet Bridge - The State is encouraging institutional and individual investors to establish new ecological industrial zones (IZ) or develop existing IZs into ecological zones.

Green building materials, when?

A lot of traditional brick kilns that caused environment pollution have been forced to stop operation. However, lightweight materials still have not been used for construction works.