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Vietnam takes people as the goal in development. People will enjoy the fruits of a green economy and the government will not sacrifice the environment to pursue economic growth.

Green logistics to reduce costs for Vietnamese goods

Logistics firms want the government to provide capital to develop technology and digitization to manage the flow of goods to minimize import-export costs.

Vietnam promoting zero-emission economy

The Vietnamese Government is prioritizing climate change responses, green economy, sustainable development in its action programs. Therefore, businesses are advised to adapt to these concepts for their own growth.

EuroCham to hold green economy forum in HCM City in late Nov

The European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham Vietnam) will hold the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2022 in HCMC from November 28 to 30.

Vietnamese businesses adopt ESG standards

ESG (E-Environmental; S-Social; G-Governance) standards remain unfamiliar to many Vietnamese businesses.

European investors eye greener incentives

European enterprises are focusing more and more on green investments to tap into fresh opportunities from Vietnam’s actions to achieve net zero by 2050, but they need legal improvements and incentives to facilitate their plans.

Eco-industrial parks to become inevitable trend

Vietnam will continue to encourage investors to both develop eco-IPs and transition from traditional to ecological ones, which is set to contribute to the national target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Aviation ground services to go-green to meet compliance

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) is collecting comments on a draft circular stipulating that all businesses in the sector must have a plan to convert ground vehicles from fossil fuels to electric.

Low-carbon rice production helps Vietnam meet emission target

Rice, which is Vietnam’s most important crop and grown on more than half of its agricultural land area, accounts for 48 per cent of the agriculture sector’s GHG emissions and over 75 per cent of methane emissions.

Attracting 'clean' investment capital to Vietnam

Green industries are expected to implement sustainable development goals, and help the national strategy on green growth in 2021-2030 and Vietnam’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Addressing agricultural emissions key to green production in Vietnam

Increasing attention has been given to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Vietnam’s agriculture sector, particularly rice production, in a bid to protect the environment given complex climate change developments.

Technology to drive green product formulation and packaging development

Unilever Vietnam's "Clean Future" program aims to develop green products from the inside out through environmentally friendly formulas and packaging, which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From COP26: Vietnam's journey to become the world's green production center

Vietnam is known as a factory of the world. But with commitments made at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26, Vietnam must become a "green factory", a green production center of the world.

Adopting green business practices is a must

Many major fashion and apparel brands worldwide are committed to prioritizing orders from businesses that meet the environmentally friendly production and resource-saving criteria.

Global climate efforts now underway

With its strong commitment to bring greenhouse gas emissions to a net-zero level over the next three decades, Vietnam has begun to receive assistance from the international community in order to materialise this strategy,

Optimistic signs of “green” FDI inflow

The volume and quality of FDI inflows into Vietnam have improved as evidenced by rising number of ‘green’ projects.

Green economy absorbs in green consumption behaviors

Countries in the world have been making efforts to demonstrate their commitments to the climate change battle with the aim to minimize negative impacts on ecosystems and develop a green economy.

Rice husks: From waste to new green energy

Intensive efforts are underway with support from diverse stakeholders to promote the sustainable use of rice husks and other biomass resources for electricity and heat production throughout Vietnam.

Bioplastic start-up begins green journey

Having worked in biopolymer research for more than a decade, Doan Van Tung in HCM City began his adventure by founding the iGreen development company in 2020

Roadmap needed to develop ‘clean’ auto industry

To develop electric vehicle industry, charging stations, batteries and reasonable prices are all needed. But an overall policy for these issues is not yet available in Vietnam, particularly battery waste disposal and treatment.