Cua Van, a small fishing village located in the northern province of Quang Ninh, has been named as one of the 17 best fairy-tale places worldwide by renowned website Bright Side.

Cua Van is home to more than 170 households who depend mainly on fishing for their livelihoods. In 2017, the village made it into the list of the top 30 travel destinations around the globe, as voted on by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine of the United States.
In 2015, it had been named among the world’s most charming little town by online US newspaper Huffington Post.
In 2017, Ha Long Bay’s management board restored the village. However, since then, the village has not been repaired or upgraded, leading to its deterioration.
The weathering of nature and lack of human care means the floating houses in Cua Van are gradually becoming ghost houses. 
A classroom in the village is struggling with dilapidation.
The structural frameworks of floating houses on the village are being corroded by seawater, leaving the iron and steel completely exposed.
The buoyancy system has been damaged, causing many houses left half-submerged.
Visitors are banned from going into the deteriorated area of the village.
The bay management board has submitted plans to restore the village to Quang Ninh’s authorities but this has not yet been approved.
Pham Cong