VietNamNet Bridge – The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) has discussed with the authorities of Quang Ninh Province the preparation of seaplane services in Ha Long.


The meeting between officials of the CAAV and Quang Ninh province on the hydroplane services early this week. Photo: CAAV




According to the CAAV, seaplane service is a new type of aviation operations. On legal basis, this aviation service is in compliance with the Law on Civil Aviation of Vietnam, the Development Planning for Aviation Transportation to 2030 and the Aviation Safety Regulations of Vietnam.

For countries in the world, seaplane services have been very popular. In Vietnam, with a long coastline and the dense river system, the demand for this kind of activity is very large.

In Quang Ninh, the home to Ha Long Bay – the world natural heritage – this service will help further draw tourists to the bay.

According to the CAAV, this service will be piloted in Quang Ninh and if it proves to be successful, it will be offered at other tourist sites in the country. The authorities will design mechanisms and policies to encourage seaplane operations.

The agency said it would acquire the opinions of the relevant agencies to soon complete the plan to consult with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transportation and Quang Ninh authorities.

P. Mai