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Living in the northern mountainous region, the Ha Nhi celebrate their Tet (New Year) festival more than two months earlier than the Kinh, the largest ethnic group in Vietnam. Let’s find out the distinctiveness in their Tet celebrations.

Try the special beer of the Ha Nhi

The Ha Nhi, an ethnic minority group in Bat Xat, in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai, has a traditional beer that has existed for hundreds of years, but few people have  had a chance to enjoy it.

The fire culture of ethnic people

 VietNamNet Bridge – The kitchen plays an important role for every ethnic family in Vietnam. The cooking place is also a venue where rituals and other customs occur. Whenever a guest arrives, the host makes a fire to show hospitality.

Ha Nhi’s worship of the kitchen genie

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ha Nhi consider water the source of life and fire the source of power. The woodstove space is the key spot in their house. They put a sacred rock next to the woodstove to represent the kitchen genie,