VNR has been upgrading infrastructure at Cao Xa Station, including construction of a 5,400-square-meter container yard, access roads, and architectural enhancement to facilitate international train services.

With approval from the Ministry of Transport for the investment policy, VNR will further expand the warehouse area to 10,000 square meters. This investment will also involve constructing new facilities to enable customs procedures to be carried out at the station for imports and exports.

The launch of international transport by rail in Hai Duong will provide additional solutions for businesses involved in importing and exporting goods within the province to China, Europe, and Central Asia.

This new service is expected to reduce transportation duration by two-thirds compared to traditional sea routes, with customs declaration and import-export procedures streamlined within the province.

Cao Xa Station will be equipped with two railway lines, connecting Cao Xa to Yen Vien-Dong Dang and Cao Xa to Yen Vien-Lao Cai. These lines will integrate with the Chinese railway and the railways of countries along the Asia-Europe railway transport route.

Situated on the Hanoi-Hai Phong railway line, Cao Xa Station is strategically located adjacent to major industrial zones in Hai Duong, including Dai An, Cam Dien, and Phuc Dien.

Saigon Times