Religious and worshipping facilities of Hai Phong have re-opened after several weeks of closure due to COVID-19 pandemic (Photo: VNA)

As from 6pm of March 4, festivals, religious activities and sports events can be held, and entertainment sites, beauty care facilities, cinemas, public Internet shops can be opened.

The city has also allowed the re-opening of dental clinics, travel agencies, gym facilities and parks, along with the gathering of less than 20 people.

All taxis in the city are allowed to operate but can only carry half of their capacity with strict implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures.

Local students will be back to school from March 8.

Meanwhile, the city will continue maintaining pandemic monitoring groups in communes bordering Hai Duong and voluntary teams in the remaining localities. Checkpoints at gateways to the city also continue to operate, keeping close supervision of people going to and from areas with outbreaks.

As of 5pm of March 4, the city reported no new COVID-19 cases.



Lockdown lifted in Hai Duong’s Chi Linh city, Cam Giang district

Lockdown lifted in Hai Duong’s Chi Linh city, Cam Giang district

From midnight on March 3, the COVID-19lockdowns in Chi Linh city and Cam Giang district in the northern province of Hai Duong were lifted and province-wide social distancing ended after 15 days.