Hanoi had culled more than 387,500 farmed pigs infected with African swine fever (ASF), or 20.7 percent of the city’s total herd by June 16.


According to the municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Department, the ASF affected an additional 1,839 livestock households in four communes, forcing the local authorities to kill over 33,700 pigs during June 10-16.

To date, the disease has hit 23,125 households, accounting for 28.6 percent of total pig raisers, in 2,150 villages in 439 communes, wards and towns of 24 districts in the city.

A large number of culled pigs due the disease was reported in Soc Son district (65,983 pigs), Dong Anh district (38,894 pigs), Quoc Oai district (28,503 pigs), and Chuong My district (26,337 pigs).

African swine fever does not affect humans but causes haemorrhagic fever in pigs and wild boars that is almost always fatal. There is currently no antidote or vaccine, with the only known preventative measure being a mass cull of infected livestock. The disease spreads by contact between infected pigs or other wild animals and can inflict massive economic damage on farms.-VNA