DJ Ngan 98 has just been suspended for her offensive dress-up during a show at a local bar.



According to director of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, To Van Dong, DJ Ngan 98 will be suspended for four months in Hanoi and the bar where she performed has been fined VND40 million (USD1,739) for organising the show.

A report from the department showed that on July 23, a clip showing Ngan 98 performing at the Pool Party Show at the New Star3 Club wearing revealing micro bikini went viral on the internet.

"This will only be a temporary fine," the official said. "We'll propose to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to apply the suspension nation-wide."

According to the department, eight other dancers participating in the show will also be suspended for four months due to wearing revealing micro bikinis.

Earlier, several other singers and actresses were also fined and suspended for wearing offensive or revealing costumes at events in some other localities. Dtinews