With a drone, right here in Hanoi, fluffy clouds are captured hanging against the magnificent backdrop of the city’s buildings, roads and bridges.

The National Convention Centre and the nearby Thang Long Boulevard

Keangnam, Vietnam’s second tallest building at 336 metres, is shrouded behind the clouds.

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi and lakes by the National Convention Centre

High-rise tower blocks in Nam Trung Yen from 500 metres above the ground

Clouds looming over the Nam Trung Yen Urban Area

Residential areas in Nam Tu Liem District obscured by the clouds

The intersection between Vinh Tuy Bridge and Nguyen Khoai Street from above

Clouds drifting above Vinh Tuy Bridge

Hanoi’s cityscape with the mountain range of Tam Do in the distance

Clouds mingle with lights at night to form a magnificent scene.




Nhan Dan