Hanoi spends nearly 80 million USD ensuring traffic safety in 2021-25 hinh anh 1


The municipal People’s Committee has recently issued a plan on the implementation of the municipal People’s Council-passed target programme on these tasks.

The programme is set to be carried out in five years with the budget allocated on a yearly basis of around 336 billion VND (14.5 million USD) for 2021, 343 billion VND (15 million USD) for 2022, 401 billion VND (17.4 million USD) for 2023, 425.8 billion VND (18.5 million USD) for 2024, and 359 billion VND (15.6 million USD) for 2025.

Specifically, each year, the capital city targets to resolve seven to ten traffic congestion hotspots and timely eliminate black spots in traffic accidents to cut traffic accident rate by 5-10 percent per year (in terms of cases, number of deaths as well as injuries).

To achieve the goals, the local authorities figured out ten groups of solutions including better management of high buildings and relocation of residents out of urban areas in order to reduce population density.

In addition, industrial production sites which cause environmental pollution, universities, vocational schools, and administrative units are set to relocated out of the city’s center and increase land funds for traffic activities.

Budget will be given to improve public transport capacity and limit private vehicles in long term.

Up to 180 roads at 12 districts will be embellished. Over 160 traffic lights will be installed.

Noticeably, Hanoi will build an online digital traffic map to serve the management, operation and regulation of traffic and develop a smart parking spot search software to help people find and pay parking spots conveniently.

Source: VNA

Hanoi warned of more serious traffic jams if it bans motorbikes too soon

Hanoi warned of more serious traffic jams if it bans motorbikes too soon

If Hanoi authorities prohibit motorbikes by 2025 in the center, when the public transport network is still not capable of satisfying people’s demand, many would have to use private cars. If so, the traffic would be even worse.