Mê Linh District will put on a 3D mapping show for the first time. VNA/VNS Photo

The show Âm Vang Mê Linh (The Echo of Mê Linh) will commemorate Trưng Sisters, two national heroines, who led the uprising in AD 40 against the Chinese domination.

On the night of February 15, the sixth day of the first lunar month, the digital show re-enacting the Trưng Sisters' uprising will be put on at Hai Bà Trưng Temple, a special national heritage site, to commemorate the 1,984th anniversary of the uprising.

The first 3D show will depict the insurgency from the day it began to the day the two heroines died with dignity, through different genres such as singing, dancing, circus and matching drums.

Continuous changes on stage will vividly represent life in the Trưng Sisters period, with scenes of losing the country and destroying homes when the enemy invaded, the people going to search for tribute in an unwholesome environment, and the spirited response to the Trưngs' call for the uprising.

Trưng Sisters' uprising was the first national resistance movement against the Chinese invaders. They rode elephants to repel the enemy and liberate Đại Việt (an old name for Việt Nam) after 247 years under the foreign domination.

After the war, the two Trưng sisters were crowned queens and established their capital in the present day Mê Linh District.

Independence was short-lived, for three years later the enemy returned with a powerful army. Outnumbered, the Vietnamese were subdued and Trưng sisters took their own lives by throwing themselves into the Hát Giang River.

The show connects the past, present, and future and conveys several messages to the audience, taking them back to the days when the Vietnamese people lived and fought bravely for freedom, according to organizers.

It is hoped that the show will become a frequent cultural and artistic tourism product, attracting the young generation, raising their appreciation of the nation's history, and thus increasing their affection for the country and gratitude to their ancestors.

Âm Vang Mê Linh will be aired live on Hà Nội Television.

The show is a part of the festival to commemorate the Trưng Sisters' uprising. Other activities at the festival include a parade and ritual ceremony, cultural and art performances and folk games. VNS