The robot named FUSO or Future Solution was made by a group of experts and students from the Hanoi University of Engineering and Technology which is an arm of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, by the end of last year. It was initially aimed to serve as a tour guide at museums and exhibitions.  



  The robot


However, amid the worsening Covid-9 epidemic, the robot is used to remind people to wear masks and use hand wash.

The product can recognise people who do not have a mask and then will tell them about this. The robot can be put at public places, offices or apartment buildings.

Chu Duc Trinh, vice headmaster of the university, expected that the product would be widely used. Dtinews

HCM City develops 3D-printed robot to disinfect rooms

HCM City develops 3D-printed robot to disinfect rooms

A team of researchers from the Eastern People's Military Hospital have finished detailed designs for a robot to clean and disinfect rooms of those quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic.