Gamuda Gardens villas in Hanoi.

In a letter sent to Dantri/Dtinews, a group of residents living in Gamuda Gardens villas reported that there had been four break-ins over the past three weeks. One occurred on the early morning of July 23 when a robber broke into a house through the back door and then went through two other houses next door. The robbery was recorded by a home security camera. Another burglary happened late at night on August 8 at another house in the area, which was also recorded by the owner's security camera.

However, when asking the management board of Gamuda Gardens villas to check their security cameras installed along the roads, the residents were shocked to find out that they were not working.

A resident, Nguyen Trung Ai, said,: "We're living in a high-end urban area and we've been paying high security fees, but our houses haven’t been properly protected. While living in constant fear of break-ins, I'm really disappointed with the management board."

Another resident, Phan Thi Huyen Chau, said that they've reported to the management board several times but the problems have not been resolved.

It is said that the management board of Gamuda Gardens Urban Area has just proposed six measures to improve security but local residents are not happy with them as most of the measures put the onus on the residents to protect their own homes.

"This is not fair as we're paying between VND 1-3 million per month for a security fee," Chau said.

Residents put up a signboard to protest against the management board at Gamuda Gardens villas.

Speaking with Dantri/Dtinews, head of Tran Phu Ward Police Department, Dinh Cong Huy, said that they were co-operating with the management board of the Gamuda Gardens Urban Area to investigate recent burglaries cases as reported by local residents, as well as intensify security work in the area.

Located adjacent to Yen So Park in Hoang Mai District, Gamuda Gardens stretches over an area of 75 hectares, including villas, small terraces, commercial shophouses, and apartments. It has been advertised as an ideal place to live with 24/7 security.

Three-storey 127 square-metres villas at the development are currently being sold at VND31 billion (USD1.32 million).

Source: dtinews