Tiết lộ về cô gái Hà Nội thu 330 tỷ từ viết ứng dụng trên Google, Apple

The Hanoi Tax Department said that it is managing 382 individuals who have provided applications on Google Play and Apple Store. These individuals have made full tax declarations quarterly and have paid VND203 billion (nearly $10 million) in taxes since 2018, including VND 39 billion in taxes in January-July of 2021. The creators of online applications and games on Google, Apple or CH Play self-declared and paid taxes.

In 2020, a woman born in 1992 voluntarily went to the Tax Department of Cau Giay District (Hanoi) to declare and pay tax obligations. She earned more than VND330 billion in 2020 from writing software posted on Google Play and App Store. She paid tax obligations worth VND23.4 billion (over $1 million).

In 2020, a 30-year-old man also living in Cau Giay district earned VND260 billion (over $10 million) by writing and uploading software online. This man also paid tax of VND18.1 billion.

In 2019-2020, the Hanoi Tax Department collected VND148 billion of taxes from individuals earning income from e-commerce activities (YouTube, Google, Facebook,...).

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, by the end of 2020, there were about 15,000 YouTube channels with monetization buttons enabled in Vietnam. But only about 30% of the total channels managed by YouTube's network companies in Vietnam have fully declared and paid taxes.

The Tax Administration Law No. 38/2019/QH14 (effective from July 1, 2020) stipulates that individuals with income from business activities with a turnover of over VND100 million/year will pay 2% of personal income tax and 5% value added tax, totaling 7% of turnover.

Photo: Hanoi collects more than VND200 billion of taxes from game and application developers on Google Apps and Apple Store.

The Hanoi Tax Department has checked to collect taxes from hundreds of people who are partners providing application software and online games for Google Play and Apple Store. In January-July 2021, Hanoi tax authorities collected more than VND 39 billion of personal income tax from this subject.

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