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Red River needs to be planned under ‘Thuan Thien’ principle

In 1921, architect Ernest Hébrard visited Vietnam to plan the development of Da Lat and started field research in Hanoi.

How will Hanoi relocate 215,000 people in four inner city districts?

In the near future, the population of Hoan Kiem district will be 100,000, Ba Dinh district 160,000, Dong Da district 255,000, and Hai Ba Trung district 157,000, according to urban planning for the four inner districts released on March 23.

Hanoi vows not to build high-rises in inner city

Hanoi has announced the urban planning of four inner districts: Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Hai Ba Trung and Dong Da. The total area of the districts is 2,709 hectares, with a current population of nearly 900,000 people.

215,000 people, multiple agencies to be moved from Hanoi’s inner area

According to planning for Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung districts, the total population in Hoan Kiem district’s old quarter, the area around Hoan Kiem lake and surrounding areas needs to be reduced by over 215,000 people.

Focus on transport infrastructure development is sound solution for Hanoi's urban planning

Building transport infrastructure is hoped to help Hanoi's outskirts areas develop and create the potential for modern urban development as there is less and less land available in the inner city.