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HCM City vows to attract talent with groundbreaking wage policy

Inadequacies in financial remuneration is believed to be a major barrier hindering public units to attract and retain talented staff.

HCMC offers high pay to attract talented staff to science institutions

HCM City is willing to pay up to VND120 million a month to the heads of public science and technology institutions to help retain talented staff and avoid a brain drain

HCM City authorities grapple with pedestrian access problems

A growing number of parked vehicles, vendors, and businesses are encroaching upon these spaces, rendering them virtually impassable to pedestrians.

Foreign market demand falls, manufacturers boost domestic sales

Vietnamese enterprises are boosting domestic sales. The domestic textile-garment and woodwork consumption index grew by 41.5 and 30 percent in the past 10 months.

HCM City faces fast land subsidence

The surface of HCMC is highly sinkable, according to ground subsidence research by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).