VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City police have just discovered a large-scale baby-trading ring, prosecuting seven people.


Lan and Thuong are ringleaders. 




Those facing charges include Ngo Thi Lan, 44; Tran Ngoc Quy, 44; Vo Van Tien, 44; Vo Kieu Trang, 26; Tuong Dinh Thuong, 44; Pham Tuan Phuong, 52 and Tran Thien Nhan, 44. They are from HCM City, Haiphong, Quang Ngai and Dak Nong. Lan and Thuong are accused of being the ringleaders.

After the initial investigation, police arrested Lan, Quy, Trang and Vien for selling one newborn baby, and after further investigation, Thuong, Phuong and Nhan were also arrested.

Trang and Vien are a couple who do not have stable accommodation. On February 24, Trang gave birth in Tu Du Hospital. However. Due to financial difficulties, Trang and Vien decided to sell their baby.

Through Quy, who works near the hospital, allegedly acted as an intermediary to help them sell their child for VND7 million (USD333.3). They were arrested during the transaction at Children’s Hospital 1.

Lan has been accused of cooperating with a number of other people to help in the trade of babies.

Others accused of being in the ring, such as Phuong, Nhan and Quy, allegedly made rounds to local hospitals to get access to women giving birth to unwanted babies in an attempt to them to sell their children for a profit.

Many of these children seem to have been sold into southern China.

Thuong said that he has sold 23 babies since mid-2013.