Speaking at the ongoing 11th HCM City Party Congress, Director of the Department of Planning and Architecture Nguyen Thanh Nha said the city plans to implement innovations in the development strategy called "Formation and development of a creative, highly interactive urban area in the East".


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According to Nha, the innovative and highly interactive urban area will become the nucleus of the fourth industrial revolution of the city and the region, based on the key development platform of a knowledge-based economy and development cooperation.

Quality human resources will be formed, enhancing connections to create new opportunities, balancing economic development with the natural environment, and completing technical, social infrastructure and state management, towards the establishment of Thu Duc City.

Nha proposed 6 groups of core solutions that need to be implemented concurrently:

Specifically, urban planning, socio-economic planning; creating a highly interactive creative city as integrated planning, land fund creation, transport development, housing policy, water management and flood protection, urban finance, industrial infrastructure.

Along with that, building an overall urban finance policy based on the goals of infrastructure planning and developing, building an investment strategy and economic and financial development expectations for the period 2021 - 2040.

On the other hand, building digital infrastructure and digital transformation for traffic infrastructure works; for social infrastructure works (health, education, culture, sport).

Besides, promoting cooperation with leading universities at home and abroad; establishing technical training programs with leading universities and multinational corporations; disseminating information technology to general schools; reforming the educational program to encourage creativity from preschools and high schools.

Identifying key areas to attract for the creative, interactive urban area in the East of the city. There is a demand stimulus policy to attract the development of creative economic sectors that the city chooses. Attracting private capital, taking advantage of these resources to participate in solving problems of the city.

According to Nha, Thu Duc city and the East area will develop based on innovation centers, including:

Thu Thiem new urban area - Center for financial technology; Rach Chiec National Sports Complex - Rach Chiec Sports and Health Center; Hi-tech park - automation production center and the science park; the National University Area - Centers for information technology and education technology; Tam Da area, Long Phuoc - Center of ecological technology; Truong Tho - Future urban area; Traffic connection center of the Southeast - Cat Lai International Port ...

Accelerating digital government, digital transformation

Director of the Department of Home Affairs Huynh Thanh Nhan said that in the new term and beyond, the city is determined to improve the quality of public service and create the best conditions for people to live in a modern, green, clean and safe environment, with easy access to public administrative services.

Accordingly, the city needs to focus on implementing key contents, proposing radical and effective solutions towards building a smart city, the e-government that is close to the people, serves the people, takes the people at the center, takes the satisfaction of the people, businesses as the indicator for effectiveness of the local government.

Mr. Nhan acknowledged that, in order to realize the above targets, the city will clearly define the responsibilities of individuals, agencies, units and heads of state administrative agencies at all levels in implementing administrative reform and proposing solutions to improve the PAR Index (administrative reform index).

Dealing with shortcomings and weaknesses, proposing solutions to take clearer steps to improve the city's investment and business environment in the direction of convenience, transparency and equality among all business sectors; bringing the city into the group of localities with the best socio-economic management quality in the country.

On the other hand, improving the quality of other essential public services through the application of information technology. At the same time, focusing on building digital transformation program to develop digital government and digital economy; implementing digital transformation in a number of industries and sectors such as health, education, transportation, finance - banking, tourism, agriculture, logistics, environment, energy, human resource training; taking advantage of the opportunity of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to promote the city's economy.

The city must focus on perfecting public administrative services in the direction of openness, transparency, efficiency and convenience; using the criteria of people's satisfaction as a measure for administrative agencies to improve operations.

Municipal administration will increase the application of information technology to provide online public services at level 3 and 4 for citizens, businesses and organizations; and encourage the use of digital signatures and electronic payments of people, businesses and organizations when using public administrative services.

In addition, strengthening the responsibilities of leaders in directing and administering administrative reform; strictly handling acts of harassment, causing difficulties for citizens and enterprises, by officials, public servants and public employees in performing public duties.

Finally, Mr. Nhan said that urban government, in order to operate effectively, must accelerate digital government and digital transformation, and build new models in the organizational apparatus to ensure the efficient operation of the city's urban government model.

Ho Van-Thanh Tung

HCMC People’s Council passes plan to establish Thu Duc City

HCMC People’s Council passes plan to establish Thu Duc City

The HCMC People’s Council approved the plan to establish Thu Duc City, which will cover nearly 212 square kilometers to the east of HCMC and have a population of over one million people, at its 21st meeting on October 12.

Special policy for new Thu Duc City suggested

Special policy for new Thu Duc City suggested

The idea of establishing Thu Duc City has been supported by experts and voters, but they want a special policy and better name for the city suited to the current epoch and future as well.