People get COVID-19 shots at a vaccination site in Thu Duc City, HCM City, in August.  VNA/VNS Photo

It also urged the localities to speed up the second shot for those who have got the first.  

HCM City, Long An and Binh Duong provinces have been allocated enough vaccines to immunise everyone above 18, it said.

HCM City has announced a roadmap for vaccination.     

It has 680,000 people who have not got even one shot, and it hopes to give them one by September 15.

Local authorities are responsible for ensuring vaccination especially of people aged 65 and above, those with underlying health conditions and frontline forces.

They have been instructed to ensure 200-250 people get vaccinated every day to meet the schedule. 

According to the city Department of Health, it needs more than 2.7 million of doses, including more than two million of AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, and Vero Cell vaccines, for the second shot.

In Binh Duong, the vaccination has been speeded up since September 2 after the province received more Vero Cell vaccines. Many vaccination sites have been operating until 10pm daily.

More than 1.134 million people have got vaccinated, with a small number getting both shots.

The ministry has allocated more than 2.066 million doses while the province has a population of nearly 2.6 million. To reach herd immunity, it needs to vaccinate more than two million people.  

To speed up vaccination, Dong Nai Province has asked the ministry to provide another three million doses. The ministry has allocated nearly 1.8 million.

The province has more than 3.7 million people.   

It said it records 400 - 1,000 new cases every day, numbers lower only than HCM City and Binh Duong.

Tay Ninh Province also has vaccination plans for designated groups this month, with priority for villages, towns and communes at high risk like those with industrial parks and a large number of workers renting rooms and areas near international border gates.   

Moreover, people aged more than 65, those with underlying health conditions, pregnant women, and those with young children will get priority.  

Frontline forces, employees of transport companies, traders at traditional markets, supermarkets and shopping centres, and those working at industrial parks, economic zones, factories, and farms will also be vaccinated this month.

Tay Ninh has received 200,000 doses from HCM City.

Source: Vietnam News

WHO: When it is your turn to get vaccinated, take the vaccine available to you

WHO: When it is your turn to get vaccinated, take the vaccine available to you

Dr Kidong Park, Representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Vietnam, has made recommendations for Vietnam on COVID-19 prevention and control in the fourth wave of outbreaks,