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Nearly 1,500 students of ninth, tenth and eleventh grades at Luong The Vinh High School in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1 participated in an online talk about career guidance with the topic "Journey to conquer dreams" on October 9.

Should schools require students to conduct in-depth research projects?

Some research topics conducted by high school students, such as stroke patient rehabilitation or cancer treatment, could be titles for doctoral dissertations or even in-depth research projects at the ministerial or national level.

High school students invent 4-in-1 ATM run with solar power

Two female students from Tran Quoc Tuan High School have upgraded a so-called rice ATM into a 4-in-1 ‘Covid-19 prevention ATM which can disinfect hands and distribute instant noodle, rice and face masks.

More students commit suicide

More cases of students committing suicide were reported in 2019, and most students killed themselves because of study pressure.

Parents tend to reward children’s achievements with money

When children receive high scores for their school work, do housework or fulfill special tasks, they are rewarded by parents, usually with money.

High school kids a menace on roads: study

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s roads are slowly getting safer, but not for kids, according to experts.  

High school students have a new assignment: prepare for Tet

 VietNamNet Bridge – Phan Huy Chu High School teacher Nguyen Kim Anh has assigned her students the task of helping their parents with preparations for the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

75% of Vietnamese students under-12 use social media, not aware of risks: survey

VietNamNet Bridge - In Vietnam, most students under 12 use social media. However, they are not well prepared to face risks, a report from Vietnet-ICT, an NGO, has found.

To relieve test anxiety, look beyond university

 VietNamNet Bridge – June 25, 2018 will become an unforgettable day in the life of thousands of students in Vietnam. No, not because it’s the ninth anniversary of the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, but because it’s the day ...

Advanced schools want to use foreign curricula

VietNamNet Bridge - Many schools in HCM City, especially schools operating under the so-called advanced model, have proposed using international curricula.

High school students create eco-friendly mosquito repellent

 VietNamNet Bridge – Most students would love to have a teacher like Phan Van Nhan.

As number of students rises, HCM City hurries to recruit teachers

The number of students in the 2017-2018 academic year will reach a record high, especially at preschool and primary education, raising concerns about the lack of teachers and classrooms.

Why are there so many jobless graduates of pedagogy schools?

VietNamNet Bridge - Major central pedagogy schools train only one-third of total students, while the number of students at local pedagogy schools is two to three times higher.

Ninth graders’ smart garbage bin operates without electrical power

VietNamNet Bridge - Hoang Bao Nhat Long and Nguyen Dang Khoa, two students from Hue City, have invented an automatic garbage bin which doesn’t need batteries or electricity.

Uni grads unable to fill out job applications - who is to blame?

VietNamNet Bridge - Some people say that university graduates are so unprepared for work that they don’t even know how to fill out job applications and compile official documents. 

Changes in university enrollment regulations: students applaud, teachers worry

 VietNamNet Bridge – Plans to scrap the minimum number of points required for university enrollment in Viet Nam has highschool students cheering, but teachers concerned.

Vietnamese parents overindulge their children: educators

VietNamNet Bridge - The common error that most Vietnamese parents commit is that they overindulge children, thus bringing them up to be dependent people lacking in creativity, according to educators.

Education Ministry criticized about plan to offer many foreign languages at school

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has been told that it will put a heavy burden on students by including multiple foreign languages in the curriculum at general schools.

All study and no play puts students under stress

VietNamNet Bridge - More than 90 percent of students suffer from mental disorders because of study pressure, according to the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). 

Three students expelled from school for misconduct, parents complain

VietNamNet Bridge - The management board of a secondary school in Thai Binh province has decided to expel three students from the school because they urinated in the "wrong place".