Dream Flower Hotel in Da Lat. File Photo

Thoa, 57, is the owner of the Dream Flower Hotel, An Binh Street. She was fined VND4 million for discriminatory behaviour against tourists specified under Article 6 of the Government's Decree No 45/2019/ND-CP dated May 21, 2019, which concerns administrative punishments in the field of tourism.

On January 29, a group of foreign tourists posted information on social media that although they had booked a room in advance at Dream Flower Hotel, when they arrived, the owner of the hotel was unfriendly towards them and did not allow them to check in as they were foreigners and she was afraid of being infected with a disease.

After the above information was spread online, on the afternoon of January 30, Da Lat City authorities came to investigate the incident and fined the hotel for two violations.

The owner of Dream Flower Hotel was fined an additional VND4 million by the city authorities as the hotel was not registered before opening. 

Source: Vietnam News