The TCP Parking Lot at Tan Son Nhat International Airport’s domestic terminal area was put into operation in 2016. At present, its third and fifth floors hold around 650 motorbikes which have been left there for between one month and seven years.

According to a representative from the parking lot, the motorbikes have had their petrol removed and have been relocated to the designated area for abandoned vehicles to ensure safety.

The vehicles are from different cities and provinces. Lots of them have deteriorated from not being used for a long time.

The abandoned vehicles occupy a large area of the parking lot. However, the parking lot management board does not know how to contact vehicle owners. Many of them are said to have abandoned their vehicles after hearing about the huge parking fees. 

The unit has reported the problem to HCM City authorities many times, but to date, nothing has been done.

For motorbikes kept at the parking area for so long, the fees may be even higher than their value. Therefore, the owners will not collect them.

The parking lot covers 67,000 square metres and can hold nearly 6,000 motorbikes and 1,500 cars.
Source: Dtinews