VietNamNet Bridge – The profile on the belief of worshiping the King Hungs of Vietnam will be presented to the UNESCO at the 7th conference of the Intergovernmental Commission for the Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which will be held from December 3 to 7 in Paris, France.

The Hung Kings Festival.

On November 29, at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, Ms. Cécile Duvelle, Secretariat of the Convention on intangible cultural conservation, said the profile on the belief of worshiping the King Hungs of Vietnam would be one of the 35 records that will be submitted at this conference.

She said Vietnam is a dynamic country and there are many initiatives in the conservation of cultural heritage. She highly appreciated Vietnam’s application of knowledge about heritage conservation in education in many ways, in many forms.

This year's report on the protection of cultural heritage of Vietnam is very detailed and highly appreciated. Ms. Duvelle stressed that Vietnam is a model showing that not just rich countries can come up with the best conservation measures. In particular, Vietnam has attached to the preservation of cultural heritage with the country's sustainable development, cultural development and socio-economic development.

At the press conference, Ms Cécile Duvelle also revealed the content that will be discussed in the coming 7th meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee for the conservation of intangible cultural heritage.

Compiled by Mai Lan