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Student wins gold medal at International Mathematics Olympiad twice

Ngo Quy Dang has earned the maximum score at the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). In a previous IMO competition, he was the first Vietnamese 10th grader to participate in the event.

Special gifts for teachers of IMO medalists

Each student winning medals at the 2020 IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) received one more medal to give to his or her teacher.

Vietnam’s mathematics scholars ranked in world’s top 40

Vietnam’s mathematics community ranks 35-40th in the world and the first in ASEAN, based on the number of published research work in international journals.

11 female students have won medals at math Olympiads since 1974

Vietnam began attending International Mathematics Olympiads (IMO) in 1974. Since then, 11 female students have won medals from the competitions.

Domestic ships must use clean fuel: IMO

From January 1 next year, domestic vessels must use 0.5% sulphur limit fuels, or clean energy, as ordered by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Mathematician Le Ba Khanh Trinh: I’m still holding a flame of passion for my work

Le Ba Khanh Trinh, who was dubbed the 'golden boy' of Vietnamese mathematics, hasn't become a famous professor, or undertaken any important leadership role, but he still keeps his the flame of passion for mathematics alive and in his own way.

2019 IMO President lauds Vietnam’s math training model

President of the 2019 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Board Geoff Smith spoke highly of Vietnam’s math teaching and learning standards at the award ceremony at the University of Bath in the UK on July 21.


Teacher leads two national math Olympiad teams

Vo Quoc Ba Can, who was once the coach of Vietnam’s and Arab Saudi’s national math Olympiad competition teams, wants to teach a new generation of students who will help put Vietnam on the world’s mathematics map.

Vietnamese-Romanian doctoral student member of jury for int’l math competition

 Born in 1995, Tran Bach Hai is now a doctoral student at the University of Chicago. The young man born into a Vietnamese family was a member of the jury at the 2018 International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) held in Romania.

9X generation math talent works at Google after turning down initial offers

Besides its 2018 list of 30 Under 30, Forbes has also named the 10 most promising faces are believed to go far in their fields. One of them is Pham Hy Hieu.

Education Ministry’s decision on suspending online competitions stirs controversy

Many people have supported MOET's decision to temporarily stop Math and English competitions because they think the competition puts pressure on teachers and students, while others believe it would be unreasonable to remove them.

How will the math curriculum change after 2017?

The new mathematics curriculum is based on four elements, “streamline, practice, modernity and creativity”, according to Do Duc Thai, chief editor of the math curriculum compilation division.

Students gain int’l prizes, but scientific achievements remain modest

VietNamNet Bridge - Hundreds of Vietnamese students have won top prizes at international Olympiads in the last 40 years, but the country’s scientific achievements remain modest.

Government urged to ‘take action’ and not waste talented students

VietNamNet Bridge - Tran Phuong, a renowned educator who has trained 60 students who won top prizes at international competitions, talks about what Vietnam needs to do to develop young talent.

Vietnamese mathematics legend says Olympiad competitors

Le Ba Khanh Trinh, a legendary figure in Vietnam’s mathematics, and deputy head of the Vietnamese delegation at the 2017 IMO, commented that this year’s Olympiad team members did not shrink back from difficulties.

Vietnamese students triumph at Olympiad competitions

The impressive achievements gained by Vietnamese students at the 2017 international Olympiads have made history and affirmed the intelligence, skill and spirit of the Vietnamese people.

Brothers win medals at international Olympiads

VietNamNet Bridge - The brothers Vu Ngoc Minh and Vu Hong Anh from Hai Phong City have had great success at international competitions, as have brothers from other Vietnamese families. 

The ‘chemistry golden boys’

VietNamNet Bridge - They are known as the three ‘chemistry golden boys because they won gold medals at the 49th IChO and all of them have ‘golden virtues’.

Former math majors - where are they now?

VietNamNet Bridge - Nearly all the talented students who finished math major classes at high schools for the gifted have succeeded in their lives and business.

Vietnam reaps best results at Int’l Informatics Olympiad

All four Vietnamese students won medals, including one gold and three silvers, at the freshly-ended International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2015 in Kazakhstan.