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Vietnam warned of troublemaking transshipment from China, S.Korea to US

Vietnam should take stronger measures related to origin of goods and products to avoid risks of lawsuits or being taken advantage of by other countries to evade US import tariffs.

Vietnam-Cuba trade agreement officially takes effect

A new trade agreement between Vietnam and Cuba officially came into force earlier this month, and is expected to help bring bilateral economic, trade and investment ties on par with their sound political relationship.

US asks Vietnam to cut import tariffs on agricultural products

The proposed tariff cut is aimed to balance bilateral trade relations.

Vietnam Finance Ministry to remove import tariffs for automotive input materials

The move is aimed to help develop the automotive supporting industries, particularly as Vietnam still has to import massive basic materials for domestic car production.

Will Chinese HRC steel benefit if Vietnam raises tax?

China will have opportunities to export more hot rolled coil (HRC) products to Vietnam ad the products will be unaffected by import tariffs.

Falling behind, Vietnam still spends money on luxury goods

VietNamNet Bridge - Though Vietnam is among the countries with lower average income, many Vietnamese are still willing to spend big money on luxury goods.

Car-part import tariffs may discourage Volkswagen

Will Phu Thai Holdings give up a plan to assemble Volkswagen cars in Vietnam? The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has said it cannot satisfy the requirements to be able to enjoy low car part import tariffs.

Ministries at odds over tax adjustments for auto imports

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Industry and Trade has proposed reducing special consumption tax, import tariffs and fees for completely built-up (CBU) automobiles and auto parts in 2015-2018,

Gov’t cuts import tariffs on medical-equipment components

 VietNamNet Bridge – The decision to exempt import taxes on medical equipment components, a move to encourage local production, will take effect on November 15.