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Businesses still must visit ministries in Hanoi to complete paperwork, which they consider a big waste of time and money. They are also concerned about high import taxes.

How a border tax could divide Boeing and its suppliers

 A U.S. tax overhaul proposed by Republican leaders in Congress would deepen divisions between big manufacturers like Boeing Co and the thousands of smaller companies that supply them, 

Fuel imports from Korea shoot up

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam had spent US$485 million importing 1.06 million tons of fuels from South Korea in the year to August, up a staggering 573% in volume year-on-year,

Vietnam battles to balance State budget

 VietNamNet Bridge – Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung said in an interview on VTV on Sunday that one of the key tasks that his ministry will fulfill this year is to balance the state budget.