Between January and April, the city saw some 400 Influenza A patients per month. The figure increased to 556 cases in May and 887 cases in June.

According to the Vietnam National Children's Hospital, over the past month, between 200-300 children came for Influenza A vaccination a day.

An inoculation centre in Nam Tu Lien District reported that many people are going to the facility for the Influenza A vaccine, but it has run out of it.

Some Hanoi communal medical stations have also ran out of the vaccine. People have to register and pay for this service, but supply is limited with rising demand.

The same situation has even been reported at at many of Hanoi's big vaccination centres, including the one operated by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology at Lo Duc Street and the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control’s centre on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.

A representative from a Hanoi inoculation centre said that the Influenza A epidemic had happened as the new school year nears, which had pushed demand for the vaccination.

Despite the higher demand, vaccine prices have been kept unchanged. However, people have to register and wait quite a long time.

Source: Dtinews