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The US’s newswire on April 23 published an article highlighting Vietnam’s effective measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, 

Credendo: Vietnam continues successful economic story beyond a contained pandemic

Credendo Group’s offices in Germany and Austria have published a study to evaluate the level of risk in Vietnam. 

Australian expert expects Vietnam to rise to meet regional challenges

Australian Institute of International Affairs has published an article written by Kyle Springer, a Senior Analyst at the Perth USAsia Centre, saying that the outcomes of the 13th National Party Congress suggest continuity in leadership and policy.

COVID-19: The truth is always the strongest argument

International experts and media have been trying to explain Vietnam’s extraordinary success in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

International media highlights Vietnam’s economic success in 2019

International media outlets have highlighted Vietnam’s thriving economy which is among the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia in 2019 amid the global economic slowdown.