VietNamNet Bridge - Experts believe now is the right time for Vietnam to think of developing the Internet of Things (IoT) as a solution to foster socio-economic development, and discuss the use of an open and closed technology platform to ensure sustainable development.


More than 70 enterprises attended the Internet of Things solution Summit in Hanoi on September 22, part of a series of IoT events held by Intel worldwide.

At the conference, experts all affirmed the great potential of IoT. The IoT will offer opportunities in changing business methods and improving living conditions of people and the world in different ways.

A senior executive of Intel said it is estimated that 15 billion devices have connected with the internet so far (household appliances, car technologies, sensors, smartphones…), while the figure is expected to increase to 50 billion by 2020.

He said in Vietnam IoT can be used in sectors such as transport, healthcare and agriculture to help cut costs and upgrade service quality.

Nguyen The Trung, CEO of DTT, Intel’s first partner in Vietnam in IoT, commented that IoT is the new technology trend spreading throughout many countries, which creates a breakthrough in collecting, processing and analyzing data, and regulating different systems to foster a digitized environment and help governments become more intelligent.

With Vietnam’s current conditions, Trung believes IoT can be applied in transport, healthcare and smart agriculture.

According to Intel’s CEO Tran Duc Trung, the biggest difficulty in IoT application is persuading leaders of the high efficiency of IoT in settling work projects.

How can IoT be developed in the most reasonable way in Vietnam?

Vietnam needs to discover which fields it needs to apply to IoT and the focuses of development in three-month, six-month and longer periods, according to Trung of Intel.

Though pointing out that difficulties lie ahead, Trung said Vietnam has great advantages to develop IoT. The country has emerged as a ‘Silicon Valley’ in South East Asia with 12,000 technology startups, which have received strong support from the government. 

Trung of DTT noted that Vietnam was still in the early stage of IoT development, and if it decides to follow OIP (open IoT Platform) right from the very beginning, it would have favorable conditions in developing IoT later because it can use software and hardware from different firms in many different fields.

On the OIP basis, DTT is developing apps for smart cities, ITS, smart buildings and others. DTT’s OIP 1.0 version would be publicized in early 2016. 

Buu Dien