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Vietnamese authors have published 17,028 articles internationally this year in Scopus journals, including ISI, according to Elsvier.

VN chemistry major is main author of article in international publication

Nguyen Ngoc Trung from the Chemistry Faculty of the Hanoi University of Natural Sciences is the main author of an internationally published article on new material that can absorb antibiotics in medical wastewater.

Vietnamese scientist in South Korea sets up start-up to create robots

Based on research with a high level of applicability, Dr Pham Quang Cuong of Nanyang Technology University, set up Eureka Robotics, a startup specializing in providing robots to large corporations.

VN doctor carries out research on ‘technology of the future’

Nguyen Duy Tam’s research is mostly in the fields of energy storage and conversion materials, materials that catalyze electrochemical reactions and nanostructured materials.

Vietnamese 8X generation listed among the world’s top scientists

Young Vietnamese scientists born in the 1980s have found their names on the list of the world’s 106,369 leading scientists for the number of scientific citations and scientific quantitative indicators, according to Scopus Database.

Female scientist lays foundation for biomedical engineering field in Vietnam

With great achievements in the field of biomedical engineering, Prof Dr Nguyen Thi Hiep has been recognized by ASEAN Scientist as one of the 100 leading Asian scientists in 2019.

Doctor committed to treat water in rural areas

Dr Tran Nguyen Hai, 35, from Duy Tan University, is a member of the editorial board of 12 prestigious international science journals.

Vietnamese professor wins many international science awards

After 10 years of pursuing scientific research, Prof Duong Quang Trung, 40, is highly respected internationally for his impressive achievements.

Quality of PhDs questionable, say experts

After the ‘PhD incubator’, which produced PhDs en masse, was discovered, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) released a new circular to tighten training quality.

Vietnamese scientist devotes her life to research on filtration membranes

Associate Prof Le Viet Kim Ba is the only Vietnamese who has successfully created filtration membranes of different kinds, including a membrane to turn sea water into fresh water, and a blood ultra filtration membrane.

Vietnamese researcher's thesis published in ISI journal

Canada's animal science journal has published a study on three indigenous Vietnamese chicken varieties by Do Quang Son from the Vietnam Agriculture Academy.

Vietnam’s universities make breakthrough in publishing scientific articles

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s universities have made a big leap in the number of international scientific published as they are now aware of the importance of scientific research in tertiary education establishments.

Vietnam’s international publications in science on the rise

Though the number of Vietnam’s international scientific publications has increased significantly, Vietnam still lags behind other regional countries.

HCM City school gives cash bonus to articles published in international journals

VietNamNet Bridge - The decision by the HCMC Economics University to award VND200 million to every ISI/SCOPUS Q1 article with IF>2 has stirred controversy.

Vietnam’s social sciences lack ‘leading wolves’: report

VietNamNet Bridge - For the first time, a quantitative study of Vietnam's output in international scientific publications in the field of social sciences and humanities has been published.

Students gain int’l prizes, but scientific achievements remain modest

VietNamNet Bridge - Hundreds of Vietnamese students have won top prizes at international Olympiads in the last 40 years, but the country’s scientific achievements remain modest.

26-yr-old scientist's 15 research articles sets record

Tran Quoc Quan, a scientist born in a poor district in Ha Tinh province, has had 15 ISI (information sciences institute) articles published, holding the record in Vietnam for the number of internationally published articles at his age.

Scientists shun Vietnamese science journals

VietNamNet Bridge - Why are scientists reluctant to publicize their articles in Vietnamese journals

One in five doctoral graduates publish an article a year

The best way for candidates to receive a professorship is to increase the number of internationally published articles, especially in prestigious journals of ISI (Information Science Institute) and Scopus. However, Vietnam has been behind in this.

Vietnam has many scientific works, few hi-tech enterprises

In 2011-2015, Vietnam had 11,738 scientific works published internationally, but had only 20 percent of industrial enterprises with modern technologies and most of them are foreign invested ones.