The Ninja Maigic Show recreates a Japanese fairy tale about a brother and sister who fought against a power-hungry king. Eventually, after much effort, the brothers helped the king realize that power is not everything, but rather the prosperity of the country and the happiness of its people.

Other Japanese artists involved in the performance include actor Hideomi Saiba and musicians Notsu Hisannobu, Hidaka Hayato and Kagaya Ryotaro.

In the show, the duo will play ninja warriors, while Japanese musicians will perform live on stage, demonstrating many of the movements of the samurai martial artists. According to the duo, the most exciting part of the show will be when the Japanese ninja characters make leaps as if they are flying. They will also have some interaction with the young audience.

To add to the excitement of the performance, artists from Vietnam will also be performing a series of circus acts, namely 'Umbrella Riding', 'Ninja Jumping', 'The Adventure Carousel', 'Double Leather Strap' and 'Monkey Circus'.

According to Tong Toan Thang, General Director of the Vietnam Circus Federation, the collaboration between artists from Vietnam and Japan is expected to delight young Vietnamese audiences on the occasion of International Children's Day.

"There will be a free show especially for children with disabilities and disadvantaged children from social protection centers in Hanoi," he said.

Young audiences will have a chance to enjoy music, art, style, and small details of Japanese culture introduced by Japanese artists in the program, he added.

Ai and Yuki are the first Japanese artists to perform in the Zen Magic show in Las Vegas, which they did for a year in 2010. Zen Magic is a general entertainment show that combines aerial acrobatics and magic.

The duo was invited to perform at the world famous Magic Castle and was nominated in the Stage Magic category at the 2008 Magic Castle Awards.

In the same year, they produced their first American venture at the San Gabriel Theatre in Los Angeles, and in 2009 they were featured in three episodes of the television show Masters of Illusions on the American television channel FOX.