After asking herself what she could do with the ancient coins rather than just displaying them for a short period of time, Phuong decided to create her unique jewellery.

The combination of the green of the coins, due to oxidation, and the sparkling diamond, gold, silver, or pearl helps create charming earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Since debuting in 2008, her creations have won the hearts of fashion lovers both at home and abroad.

The coins Phuong uses served as currency from the Dinh Dynasty to the Nguyen Dynasty, from 970 to 1945, and were still in circulation until 1948. As time has passed, these coins lost their sheen after being buried underground.

Creating jewellery based on old coins and precious metals is no easy task.

Phuong’s jewellery is not only unique and but also honours artistic values from the past, and so has won the hearts of many, many customers.

Phuong Nguyen has given new life to the ancient coins, making them valuable in the modern world./.

Source: VNA