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The unemployment statistics in Vietnam are always controversial.

Covid-19 leaves 1.3 million Vietnamese jobless

The Covid-19 pandemic left 1.3 million Vietnamese people unemployed in 2020, said the Department of Population and Labor Statistics under the General Statistics Office (GSO) at a press briefing in Hanoi on January 6.

Vietnam faces highest unemployment for a decade

As of June, 30.8 million people aged over 15 have been laid off, lost jobs or got fewer wages due to fewer work hours because of Covid-19, according to the Department of Employment.

Unemployment rate in urban areas almost doubles that in countryside

The unemployment rate among those aged 15 and above in Vietnam stood at 2.05 percent last year and the figure in urban areas is almost double that of rural areas, the 2019 population and housing census reveals.

Warning given to officials of Dak Lak Party Committee

 VietNamNet Bridge – Two Dak Lak officials have been reprimanded for hiring too many public school teachers.

190,000 workers with bachelor’s, master’s degrees and doctorates unemployed

VietNamNet Bridge - Nguyen Thanh Hai, Chair of the National Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Education, the Youth and Children, has asked the government to reconsider the human resources development plan for the 2011-2020 period.

More students apply to vocational schools

Going to university is no longer the only choice for Vietnamese high-school graduates. Thirty two percent of students don’t intend to continue at university.

70,000 teachers to be jobless

VietNamNet Bridge – More than 70,000 teachers are likely to be out of jobs by 2020 since the demand is far short of supply,

Approximately 12 percent of urban youth out of work

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nearly 12 percent of young urban residents aged 15-24 are jobless, three times more than in rural areas,

One-fifth of university graduates unemployed

More than 162,000 people who are university graduates or post graduates were jobless in the second quarter of 2014, nearly two times higher than the general unemployment rate and higher than that of the fourth quarter of 2013.

More businesses shut down, more workers get unemployed

 VietNamNet Bridge – As predicted, the unemployment rate in Vietnam has increased rapidly in the economic recession, when there are more dissolved than newly set up businesses.

Thousands of jobs cut in banking sector

 VietNamNet Bridge – Commercial banks have laid off thousands of workers because of the bad business performance.

Statistics about labor market unreliable

 VietNamNet Bridge – The reports by relevant ministries and branches all showed that more jobs have been created and the unemployment rate has decreased in the context of the ailing national economy.

More jobless seek help via insurance

VietNamNet Bridge – The number of people participating in the unemployment insurance policy nationwide surged from nearly 6 million in 2009 to over 8.3 million in 2012, heard a conference in Ha Noi yesterday (Oct 10).

Valedictorians stay jobless for 3 years

 VietNamNet Bridge – The university degree is believed to be an admission card for someone to make his way easier in the world. However, this is not true in all cases.

Vietnam vows to make vocational schools more attractive

Vocational schools now cannot attract learners because of the unreasonable curriculums which make graduates unemployed. However, the problem would be settled in the near future.

U.S. initial jobless claims drop to five-year low

The number of Americans initially applying for unemployment aid fell sharply to a five-year low last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

Jobless numbers keep falling

Reports from cities and provinces revealed that during the first quarter of the year the number of applicants for unemployment insurance declined to over 91,300 people, a decrease of nearly 22 per cent year-on-year.

More unemployed female workers than male workers: statistics

VietNamNet Bridge – In early 2013, Vietnam had about 857,000 unemployed workers, of which women accounted for the majority with 53.8 percent.

U.S. jobless claims dip to five-year low

 The number of Americans initially applying for unemployment aid reached a five-year low last week as the U.S. jobless rate continued to decline, the Labor Department reported Thursday.