That is one of the most noticeable contents of remedial measures for obstructing legal activities in the project Ordinance on Sanctions of Administrative Violations for Obstructing Act.

Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court Nguyen Hoa Binh spoke at the meeting this morning.

The draft Ordinance on Sanctions of Administrative Violations for Obstructing Act was discussed at a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on August 15.

According to the draft, journalists shall be fined from VND7 million (US$299) to VND15 million for recording audio, video, or audio recordings by the trial panel without the consent of the presiding judge, audio recording, video recording or audio recording of procedure participants without their consent, or audio recording, video recording or recording with audio of the court hearing and broadcasting it live in cyberspace.

Regarding acts of violating the rules of court sessions or meetings, other acts of obstructing legal proceedings, draft regulations on fines ranging from VND500,000 to VND1 million for journalists who don’t show their press cards at the court's requests when attending court sessions to report on the court's developments and journalist who did not comply with the control of the presiding judge on the area of work.

To deter people from making such actions, the draft stipulates the main form of sanction for acts of obstructing legal proceedings with warnings and fines, in addition to confiscation of material shreds of evidence and means of violation.

An individual interfering  judicial processes and court proceedings will receive a fine up to VND40 million meanwhile an organizations will pay up to VND80 million.

The ordinance specifically shows acts of obstructing criminal proceedings, acts of obstructing civil and administrative proceedings, considering and deciding to apply administrative handling measures at people's courts, sending drug addicts aged from full 12 to under 18 years old compulsory detoxification establishments, aircraft arrests, ship arrests and violations of the rules of court sessions and meetings, and other acts obstructing legal proceedings.

The draft also stipulates that acts of obstructing legal proceedings by lawyers and legal assistants have higher fines than other procedure participants. This provision only applies to lawyers, legal aid officers participating in cases or cases as defense counsels, representatives or defenders of lawful rights and interests.

US$1 = VND23,400

Thu Hang