Khmer pagodas

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Travelling to Bac Lieu province, visitors cannot miss destinations such as the “wind power field” - one of the ten typical tourist spots of the province, and the system of Khmer pagodas with unique architecture. 

Khmer monks open summer class

Every summer, monks from Khmer pagodas in southern province of Kien Giang host classes to teach the written Khmer language to local children in 1st to 7th grade.

Pagodas in Soc Trang

Wherever there are Khmer people, there are pagodas. Soc Trang Province in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam is such localities, home to 99 Khmer pagodas with different sizes and splendid architectural styles.

Chol Chnam Thmay festival of the Khmer

 VietNamNet Bridge – Chol Chnam Thmay is the New Year celebration of the Khmer. Their biggest festival of the year marks the end of the dry season and the beginning of a new year and new crops.

Typical architecture of Khmer pagodas

 VietNamNet Bridge – People who visit Khmer villages in the Mekong Delta are impressed by the high towers and curved roofs surrounded by palm trees of the pagodas.

Khmer dedicate festival to the ancestors

 VietNamNet Bridge – Khmer ethnic people on Oct 3 began celebrating Sene Dolta, the traditional festival held to worship ancestors, one of their most important events of the year.

Visiting Khmer culture museum in Tra Vinh

 VietNamNet Bridge – Tra Vinh is prided as a green city with many large seasoned trees bringing a peaceful and shady atmosphere for visitors.