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The Khmer people have a lengthy history. As a result of these deeply rooted rituals and ideas, even if traditional festivals have moved to many different locales, they have not lost touch with their original awareness.

Sen Dolta Festival: Khmer grateful to their benefactors

Sen Dolta is one of the rituals that shows the Khmer’s deep gratitude to ancestors, grandparents and parents, praying for dead people and asking good luck for living people.

Du Ke Theatre – a unique performing art of southern Vietnam

Du Ke is a style of musical theater created by Khmer people in southern Vietnam in the early 1900s, which reflects the Khmer people’s daily life and production activities.

New book features Khmer murals in southern Vietnam

A book featuring the art of ethnic Khmer murals in southern Vietnam by cultural researcher Huynh Thanh Binh has been released by the HCM City-based Van Hoa-Van Nghe (Culture-Arts) Publishing House. 

Khmer people put traditional outfits on display at Ok Om Bok Festival

A range of traditional costumes worn by Khmer people have been introduced at the recent Ok Om Bok festival held in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh.

Ok Om Bok Festival of the Khmer

The Khmer in Vietnam’s southern region are celebrating the Ok Om Bok or Moon Worship Festival.

Ghositaram pagoda - unique destination in Bac Lieu

As a unique cultural destination in Bac Lieu province, Ghositaram pagoda is a museum of fine arts showcasing the talent of Khmer artists.

Ok Om Bok Festival of the Khmer

The Khmer in Vietnam’s southern region are celebrating the Ok Om Bok or Moon Worship Festival.

Doi pagoda of the Khmer

 There are about 600 Khmer Theravada pagodas in the Mekong Delta. Doi, which means Bat in English, is one of the most beautiful pagodas with typical Khmer architecture.

Ngo junk race of the Khmer in Soc Trang

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Khmer in southern Vietnam race Ngo junks as part of the Ooc Om Bok festival to worship the Moon on the 10th lunar month. It’s a typical ritual of the wet rice agriculture to worship water and pray for bumper crops.  

Art & Entertainment News Headlines 15/4

Ha Noi hosts concert fusing Malian and Vietnamese music; Popular singers face in new show; Photo contest to debut on Facebook; US band brings music into Hue hospital; Vietnamese blockbusters to be shown in RoK

Khmer’s folk music becomes national heritage

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh on December 31 held a ceremony to receive a certificate recognising Cham Rieng Cha Pay, a traditional folk music practised by Khmer ethnic people,

Ninh Thuan bustles with Kate festival in Oct.

Just in October, the central province of Ninh Thuan is bustling by the sound from Saranai trumpets and Ginang drums, which signals the come of the Kate season. Cham girls in nice gowns and traditional fan dances will captivate visitors.

The virtue of dù kê performances

 VietNamNet Bridge – Dù kê is a popular form of folk art created by the Khmer in the Southwestern region of Vietnam. All performances praise the good and condemn the bad.