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Vietnamese-origin member Hanbin (wearing a mask) at the media meeting.

Ms. Thai Thi Truc Mai, the concert organizer, highlighted the difficulties and concerns that come with organizing international artist concerts in the country.

Tempest, consisting of six members - Hanbin, Eunchan, Hyuk, Taerae, Lew, and Hyungseop - expressed their appreciation to their Vietnamese audience in their native language.

This marks Tempest's second visit to Vietnam, following their performance at the Ho Do International Music Festival in December 2023.

Tempest has chosen Vietnam as the launch site for their first world tour, deviating from the common practice of beginning tours in their home country, Korea.

Ms. Thai Thi Truc Mai shared the complexities involved in organizing the event, particularly given the skepticism among Vietnamese audiences regarding international concerts. She emphasized the need for meticulous planning around economic, financial, and operational aspects to make the show a reality.

"Vietnamese audiences are very cautious about concerts by international artists in Vietnam. Therefore, reaching an agreement to bring Tempest to perform was not straightforward. Economic and financial considerations, along with the scale of the show's operation, were meticulously planned," Ms. Mai explained.

Vietnam has increasingly become a popular destination for Korean stars, including BlackPink, Super Junior, Kim Jae Joong, Baekhyun (EXO member), Tempest, and soon Daesung (Big Bang).

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Tempest members arrive at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Vietnam, dressed in elegant Ao Dai.

The enduring popularity of K-pop in Vietnam, combined with a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase, has bolstered this trend. There is a growing expectation for Vietnamese organizers to enhance their professionalism and capacity to host international-standard shows.

Hanbin, a Vietnamese-origin member of Tempest, wore a mask during the media meeting due to health issues. He expressed pride in performing with his group in his home country for their first major show.

Tempest aims to present a mature image and convey a message of continuous self-improvement.

After the concert, Tempest plans to engage more with the Vietnamese market through collaborations and music projects featuring cultural exchanges.

The group, donning traditional Ao Dai, was warmly welcomed by fans at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Ho Chi Minh City concert on June 15 will kick off Tempest's first global tour, "World Premiere: The First Ever Live 2024 Tempest Concert [T-Our: Tempest Voyage]."

Formed in March 2022 under Yuehua Entertainment, Tempest has garnered numerous accolades, including awards from the Genie Music Awards 2022, Asia Artist Awards 2022, Seoul Music Awards 2023, and Hanteo Music Awards 2022.

Hanbin, the main vocalist and dancer of Tempest, is Vietnamese. His real name is Ngo Ngoc Hung, born in 1998 in Yen Bai. He graduated with a major in Marketing from the International Faculty of Hanoi University of Commerce. Hanbin gained attention in 2020 on the reality show I-Land of Big Hit Entertainment, the management company of BTS. He later joined Yuehua Entertainment as a trainee and debuted with Tempest in March 2022.

Tuan Chieu