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Brazil: Murder rate spikes in Ceará state as police strike

Nearly 150 people have been killed in the north-eastern Ceará state in the first days of the strike.

BTS ask fans to avoid their shows over coronavirus fears

The band's upcoming shows will be taped without an audience after the virus spreads to Korea.

Harry and Meghan's royal duties ending 31 March

The duke and duchess will no longer carry out duties on behalf of the Queen.

Germany shooting: 'Far-right extremist' carried out shisha bars attacks

Nine people were shot dead in two shisha bars in Hanau in a case being investigated as terrorism.

Larry Tesler: Computer scientist behind cut, copy and paste dies aged 74

Larry Tesler was responsible for many of the innovations that made personal computing accessible.

Container slides off truck killing 19 in India freak accident

Officials say the container came off its hinges after one of the wheels of the truck had a puncture.

Japan's economy shrinks at fastest rate since 2014

The world's third largest economy was hit by a sales tax rise, a destructive typhoon and weak global demand.

'Period-shaming' Indian college forces students to strip to underwear

Dozens of women were made to remove their knickers to prove they were not menstruating.

Human compost funerals 'better for environment'

A US firm claims the service it offers saves more than a tonne of carbon, after a pilot study.

French ski resort uses helicopters to deliver snow for bare slopes

Helicopters deliver 50 tonnes of snow as mild weather impacts ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

Coronavirus: Americans from quarantined cruise ship flown from Japan

Some 400 people from the US were among those confined on the Diamond Princess near Tokyo.

Coronavirus: Will someone develop a vaccine?

Global pharmaceutical companies may not see enough profitability from developing a Covid-19 vaccine.

Coronavirus: No change in outbreak despite China spike, WHO says

The World Health Organization says it is "not seeing a dramatic increase" in cases outside China.

Coronavirus: Can you get it more than once? And other questions

What are the differences between coronavirus and flu, and can coronavirus be transmitted sexually?

Thailand shooting: Survivors recall ordeal of gun rampage

Shoppers put up barricades as a Thai soldier aimed at victims' heads on a 16-hour rampage.

Sydney rains: Record rainfall brings flooding and douses fires

Record rains bring travel chaos but also put out wildfires and replenish supplies in drought-hit areas.

Coronavirus claims 97 lives in one day - but number of infections stabilises

Some 908 people have now died in China - but the number of new infections has stabilised.

Coronavirus: Newborn becomes youngest person diagnosed with virus

The baby in Wuhan may have contracted the virus in the womb, or immediately after birth.

How the new coronavirus will finally get a proper name

Scientists have told the BBC that after grappling behind closed doors they are close to an announcement.

Coronavirus: Cathay Pacific asks staff to take unpaid leave

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific wants staff to take three weeks leave to help cope with Coronavirus.