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National Assembly Deputies on March 29 discussed the amendment of the Law on Cinematography which is expected to be ratified at the upcoming National Assembly session in May.

Draft amendment to cinema law receives controversial comments

The first meeting of full-time deputies of the 15th National Assembly (NA) wrapped up on Tuesday after a discussion on a draft amendment to the Law on Cinema and Law on Insurance Business.

Vietnam tries to find ways to both control and untie its movie industry

The draft revised Law on Cinema has been a topic of discussion not only in the media and on social networks but also at a recent National Assembly session.

Should films be sanctioned for employing artists involved in scandals?

Filmmakers have reacted to a recent proposal by a NA Deputy to stop screening films or revoke licenses if artists in films commit ethical violations.

NA deputies propose halting distribution of films starring artists who infringe ethical standards

National Assembly (NA) deputies have proposed halting screening or removing licence for cinematic works whose artists violate political security ethics or language.