Update news laws

Returning to his home village after ideological re-education, Ro Chom Brong can now borrow money from banks, learn how to organize production, and earn money to support himself and his family.

National Assembly Standing Committee to convene 41st session

The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee’s 41st session will begin in Hanoi on January 9, the NA Office has announced.

Laws, resolution and ordinance announced

 The President’s Office announced seven laws, one resolution and an ordinance, which were adopted at the 11th session of the 13th National Assembly at a news conference held in Hanoi on April 29.

Laws to protect Vietnam kids from online dangers

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam will make efforts to better protect children from on-line dangers with new laws, said an official.

SOS: wild animals dying at rescue centers

VietNamNet Bridge - Many wild animals discovered in trafficking cases have died at rescue centers because of the delays caused by complicated provisions in the 2013 Criminal Procedure Code.

Sua wood dispute between Hanoi authorities and people turns violent

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has approved the sale of sua trees grown by local residents, but Hanoi People’s Committee says that city authorities have the right to decide what to do with the precious wood.

Importers queues at ports to have goods examined

VietNamNet Bridge – Importers complain that they now have to pay a higher storage fee because it takes agencies more time than before to have specialized examination.

Constitution, six laws to take effect on January 1st

 The recently-adopted amended Constitution and six new laws will come into force on January 1, 2014.


 Vinaconex sells debts in Cam Pha Cement; SBV outlines scheme to stabilise forex, gold rates; Nokia and FPT ink agreement; HCM City economy runs into difficulties; New Zealand to export potatoes to Vietnam

Legal loopholes make debt collection an arduous task

 VietNamNet Bridge – Most commercial banks say it takes time and money to recover debts through legal procedures.

Unclear laws make it difficult to settle water disputes

The prolonged water disputes between hydropower plants and local authorities in the central region and Central Highlands recently show that big problems exist in the water natural resource management.

Old ships refused by ship demolishing companies

Ship owners have put their old ships on sale to get money to stop loss. However, it’s very difficult to find buyers at this moment, when even ship demolishing companies also refuse with a shake of the head.

Local authorities fight each other to scramble for foreign investors

All localities have geared up for the race to lure more foreign investors, especially when economists have predicted a new foreign direct investment wave heading for Vietnam.

Is it illegal to speculate domain names?

Domain names are the national resources which need to be protected and not to be wasted. However, with the existing law loopholes, the national resources have been traded by individuals to seek profit.

President announces laws on tax, corruption

 VietNamNet Bridge – President Truong Tan Sang announced nine laws, three resolutions and one ordinance last Friday, Dec 14.